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Learn how to Play the Game and Accelerate Your Climb

April 30, 2018

There’s no avoiding office politics, and women who want to move up the career ladder must learn how to play the game if they want to get ahead and stay there. Recent research suggests that one of the biggest differentiators of women who make it to the top is their well-developed political skills. But all political tactics are not created equal and men and women differ in which tactics they choose. In the arena of the more highly politicised decisions around pay and promotion, men and women tend to use different influence tactics which dictates who trumps and who doesn’t. And it’s not just a matter of speaking up to get on the fast-track list since it’s often only men who get credit for doing so. Women behaving like men is not the answer either, but there are some highly effective techniques that could pave the way for an accelerated climb up that steep ladder.


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